• It can be hard to tell the difference between genuine FitFlop footwear and fakes.

      Counterfeit FitFlop shoes may look like the real thing, with what appear to be genuine tags, stickers and even a Microwobbleboard™, Supercomff™, Biomimetix™ or Anatomicush™ button in the sole. But - and it´s a big but - they won´t have our world-class patent-pending Microwobbleboard™, Supercomff™, Biomimetix™ nor Anatomicush™ midsole technology.

      If an offer seems too good to be true, don´t buy. Stay safe by buying only from authorized FitFlop retailers.

      The facts

      Counterfeit or fake goods go hand-in-hand with criminality, bad quality, credit card fraud and identity theft. So when shopping it´s important to bear in mind the following:

      • We continually monitor our quality and test our products. Counterfeiters don´t. Poor quality construction and lack of tested technology mean fake or counterfeit FitFlop products could even cause you health issues.
      • Buying through an unauthorized website or retailer can put you at risk of credit card fraud and identity theft. You may never receive your ‘paid for up front‘ order. Click here for a list of authorized FitFlop retailers.
      • We do not authorise our retailers to sell on eBay. Any eBay seller with more than one or two pairs of FitFlop footwear on auction may well be selling counterfeit shoes.
    • How can I be sure I´m buying genuine FitFlop shoes?

      By shopping at an approved FitFlop stockist, or from our own online and high street stores.

      How can I avoid buying fake FitFlop shoes online?

      We recommend following these common sense guidelines.

      • Be wary of certain online search engine keywords, domain names and URLs containing suspicious keywords such as: cheap FitFlops, discount FitFlops, FitFlop sandal sale, FitFlop sale, fake FitFlops etc. ONLY official retailers of genuine FitFlop product can use the term ‘FitFlop‘ in their keywords. There are very few official websites authorized to use the term FitFlop in their URLs, and most link back to The exceptions are:, and
      • Look for clear signs that you´re buying from a reputable company: Do they have clear privacy and returns policies? Do some detective work - call them, search online to see if other customers have left reviews or comments about the company.
      • Trust your instincts.

      I´m concerned my FitFlop product may be fake

      If you´ve bought what you believe to be a FitFlop product and are now worried it might be fake, first check our list of approved retailers, to see if the store you bought from is an official FitFlop stockist. If not, please email us at

      I´m thinking of buying my FitFlop shoes from eBay. How can I tell if they´re genuine?

      We don´t authorise any retailer to sell FitFlop footwear on eBay. The same goes for other auction sites such as Ebid and Cqout.

      What is FitFlop doing about this problem?

      FitFlop takes your safety and security seriously. It´s our policy to investigate all leads passed to us about fake products, and wherever possible, to take action directly ourselves or with the help of the police.

      Still have a question? We´d be happy to help.