Superlight, super-chic and oh-so-comfortable. These smart little Ballet Flats feature a textured, luxe-tweed upper for a contemporary twist on a classic. And on our slimline, supercomfortable midsoles underneath, they’re the perfect dressy shoes for when tottering around on heels just isn’t an option!
  • on our ergonomic SupercomFF midsole technology
  • average (width) fit
  • available in half sizes (for those with specific fits)
  • APMA* Seal of Acceptance, for footwear found to promote good foot health
  • ergonomically engineered, supercomfortable ballet flats
  • luxe-tweed upper
  • foot-hugging fit
  • cotton lining and leather footbed
  • seamless built-in arch contour

*American Podiatric Medical Association


Two levels of targeted cushioning in our smarter shoes and sandals for amazing all-day comfort

  • Soft flat cushioning at forefoot lets your foot spread, increasing foot-to-midsole contact and reducing underfoot pressure*
  • Anatomically arched footbed for maximum comfort
  • Firm cushioning at heel

*From studies conducted at Salford University