Take your feet on a permanent holiday, slip them into our microwobbleboard midsole Safi toe-thong sandals. Think of Moroccan tiles, as you glance at the laser-cut detail strap stretching across the top of your foot. Then book a flight: your feet have earned it.
  • with our ergonomically-designed microwobbleboard midsoles
  • average width fit
  • APMA* Seal Of Acceptance, for footwear found to promote good foot health
  • biomechanically engineered to be the most comfortable sandals
  • leather laser-cut uppers with imi-leather backing
  • leather-lined uppers
  • seamless built-in arch contour

*American Podiatric Medical Association

Launched in our very first sandal ten years ago, our patent-pending, triple-density Microwobbleboard midsole was engineered by two pioneering British biomechanists.

Delivering extraordinary comfort, it not only helps absorb shock but can also diffuse underfoot pressure, by instantly increasing the contact area of the foot to the midsole.