Looking for superfine, strappy sandals you can walk all day in? We can narrow your choice right down – these Linny criss-cross toe-thongs sport ultra-slender, soft-leather straps that flatter your feet, with our Microbubbleboard midsoles underneath for amazing cushioning and comfort. Perfect for parties, holidays or just running around town. This version comes with faceted crystals.


    Lightweight supercushioning in our new classic sandals

    • Three levels of targeted cushioning for amazing all-day comfort
    • Lightweight midsole with varying-sized air bubbles for targeted cushioning
    • Firm cushioning at heel
    • Soft cushioning in middle allows your foot to spread to maximise
    • Medium cushioning at toe helps you push off to take the next step
    • Anatomically contoured footbed increases foot-to-midsole contact for maximum comfort
    • This sole takes approximately 3-4 wears to activate. After that, you’ll experience full MicrobubbleboardTM comfort