Tipped as one of this season’s biggest hits, we have set strikingly skinny, soft-leather straps atop their light, supercushioning Microbubbleboard midsoles (cork-wrapped for a summery wedge feel). Fresh. Feel-great. Ultra-fine. How could anyone not want a pair?


    Lightweight supercushioning in our new classic sandals

    • Three levels of targeted cushioning for amazing all-day comfort
    • Lightweight midsole with varying-sized air bubbles for targeted cushioning
    • Firm cushioning at heel
    • Soft cushioning in middle allows your foot to spread to maximise
    • Medium cushioning at toe helps you push off to take the next step
    • Anatomically contoured footbed increases foot-to-midsole contact for maximum comfort
    • This sole takes approximately 3-4 wears to activate. After that, you’ll experience full MicrobubbleboardTM comfort