Cold outside? Upgrade your favourite WonderWelly wellies with a pair of fabulously cosy, custom shearling footbeds. Just pop your original WonderWelly™ midsoles out, keep them somewhere safe for spring and summer, and slide these in instead. Featuring the same ergonomic WonderWelly footbed technology, but lined in soft natural 100% sheep shearling, that thermoregulates to keep your feet snug and comfortable in any weather. Order yours in the exact same size as your FitFlop wellies – they're contoured specifically for a perfect fit in our WonderWelly so they won't move around or fold up (they're unlikely to fit inside other shoes). Duvet-warm when it's freezing, or even try them with bare feet in summer. Shear(ling) bliss.To clean: Use a mild detergent and gently dab your shearling insoles with a cool damp cloth (avoid immersing). Rinse them carefully, use a towel to absorb excess liquid, then leave to air dry naturally.


    Created specially for our WonderWelly boots to bring comfort to a traditionally uncomfortable style.

    • Contoured sole for even weight distribution
    • Honeycomb heel design to absorb impact
    • Springy forefoot to help you 'push off'